Introducing – The Electrician!


Here’s Jack of All Trades with a slight twist – he’s on a mission to save kākāpō!

In this latest episode, Jack is an electrician in the bush, going about his duties of fixing lights when he encounters an adult kākāpō whose feathers are a bit ruffled by his work.

Visit to see what the good folks at DOC are doing to keep these great birds around!

Round of applause for the team who pulled this all together!
Co-Directors: Romain Borrel & Joon Seok Yoon
Storyboard: Simone Skorstad
Illustration & Design: Julianna Feng
Animation: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo (Tim) Liu, Chad Hall, Krit Tassanaruck
3D Modelling: James Turnbull, Karl Smith
Lighting & Rendering: James Turnbull
Sound & Music: Marshall Smith, Tom Fox at The Sound Room