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Super Late Jack – Brand New Game!

Cirkus launches JOAT Game with Late Jack teaser!

Good things take time.

The team has been developing this attraction for some time and we’re proud to present Jack of All Trades’ very own game.

The name of the game? Late Jack. Simple and Quirky in typical Cirkus fashion,this online game challenges you to get Late Jack to work on time!  

Enjoy this new game experience first on the Google Play Store for Android owners. And don’t worry Apple lovers – we’re coming for you via the AppStore very soon !

Super Late Jack is a FUN, FREE game for all ages to play!
Your first mission if you choose to accept it: Download NOW and START the adventure!



A big round of applause for Human Cannonball Romain and his team as they add yet another trick to Cirkus’ Jack of all Trades répertoire!

Cirkus Team:
‘Late Jack’ Game:
Christoph Lendenfeld, Chris Lyne, Sam Wheldon, Karl Davis, Anna Lee, Rebecca Tan, Alexandre Dumez  

Director: Romain Borrel
Team: Joon Seok Yoon, Shuo Liu, Wei Kit Yoon, Bailey Xiong, Narae Kim, Merith de Haas, Grace Hertatri, Robert Stannard

Sound Design: The Sound Room